Friday, June 17, 2016

They Wanted to Cut me open. I said NO. I'll find another way.

Early 2015 I was experiencing terrible back pain and it got to the point where I could not bend over because my low back was hurting so much.  I couldn't tie my shoes and I couldn't sit down without supporting myself.  I could not turn over in bed without using my elbow and arm strength to flip me over.  I could barely bend down to wash my face over the sink or brush my teeth.  I was miserable and my life seemed to be going in the wrong direction. I was frustrated because I had spent so much time in the last few years healing my emotional wounds and I felt stronger because I had a solid foundation with tools to be able to cope and deal with the hardships that came my way living in this life.

As much as I would heal I had to realize the reality of the fact that I'm still in this world where there are devastating things that happen.....Some of which I witness and some of which directly affect me.  But I was empowered with my healing tools to be able to deal with these things and emotions.

Now the physical was body had my attention!  Whats happening here?  I tried everything to heal physically but it got to the place where I could no longer take walks, go to yoga, or get on a massage table or chiropractic table because I couldn't lay flat.   It got to the point where if I got on a table I couldn't get down.  I hit a wall and a desperate place with my pain and physical suffering.

I said to God "I know you want me to heal and help people, is it going to be from a wheelchair  because I cannot walk?  I can barely make it to my classes I'm leading and I'm willing to do that, if it is my purpose.  But I cant like this."

I began to get angry because nothing was working and to make it worse, my menstrual cycle began to be painful.  Everyday became a challenge and month after month my abdomen became bigger and bigger with no relief.

Out of fear I decided to go get my wellness check with my gyno.  Because it could be something wrong with that area.  Although I knew I would leave frustrated because my experience with the medical community has not been positive as of yet.  How can I suffer for 20 years with this pain and cramps monthly.  I took birth control once to alleviate the issue, but I gained another one while I was on it.  Yep, you guessed it.  Blood clots in my legs and lungs so I couldn't use that as a solution.

My first appointment with the Gyno was Ok.  We went over my history and how much pain I was in. My pain had gone from just my low back to inside of me.  I was constantly swollen and uncomfortable.  So I was not looking forward to a scope or internal exam with an ultrasound to see if anything can be found and the Dr. insisted on an ultrasound.

When I returned to get the results, she diagnosed me with andymiosis.  Which is where the uterus retains menstrual fluid.  Not all of it leaves so it is re-absorbed into the uterine wall causing inflammation.  When she explained this to me it made sense because I felt like I had a 20lb baby inside me.  Plus I looked like I was pregnant constantly.  Her only recommendation was for me to get a hysterectomy.   When I heard those words I was frustrated, disappointed, angry, and irritated.

"So you want to cut me open?  That's the only solution?"

Wow.  This was so hard to believe and accept.  I had to really heal all the emotions coming out of this conversations.  Granted, I had not wanted or thought about having kids anytime soon but did I want the choice TAKEN from me?  Did I want to remove a part of me?

I had to find another solution.  And then I heard "get a colonic, it's time".

I had a friend who had been telling me for months to get a colonic and each time he said that I was more frustrated then ever.  I couldn't wait to tell him I had a REAL issue and it was with my uterus and that I HAD a serious diagnosis......But then I had to put my EGO aside and be humbled.  Maybe he was right?  Maybe I need to try that.

But Colonics?  Who wants to do that?  Who wants to experience that?  NOT ME.  But I was so desperate and out of options.  I couldn't see how it would help because I wasn't constipated.  I had a bowel movement every day so how could this help?

After my first session I realized that it wasn't that bad.  What was I so afraid of?  Maybe because I had heard my massage teacher in 1997 talk about it all the time....and I was resistant.  But I'm so glad I did it.  The insertion tube is not invasive.  Its the size of a straw....That was my first hesitation.  What was that going to be like?

I ended up signing up for 9 sessions because the therapist explained to me that we have 5 feet of large intestine and it would most likely not empty out in a few sessions.  Plus she assured me her opinion that everything starts in the colon.

After 6 sessions I was still in pain and I was frustrated, crying and feeling dissapointed.  I felt like I had wasted my time and money again.  I had spent thousands over the years trying to FIX my issues with all kings of healing modalities and specialists.

I expressed my frustration with the therapist and she said, "Keep going, everything starts in the colon"

I came back the next day which was day 7 of colon hydrotherapy and I had a MAJOR release.  I had these grey looking stones come out of me and it wasn't anything recent by the was that if felt.

Later that day I was stretching on the floor and I got up easily.  It hit me, I didn't have to support myself getting up and I could bend over.

Did Colon Hydrotherapy heal me?  Did this colonic really work?  Is it possible?

I had no issues getting around and I had relief in my back.  A month later I had no issues with my cycle and I didn't look 5 months pregnant anymore and I didn't feel swollen inside.  OMG, I don't need a hysterectomy after all!

Because of my experience I felt it necessary to share this with the the world.  I started doing marketing and branding for the company in which I received my colonics.  I felt I needed to help them get the world out because I was convinced everyone needed to try colon hydrotherapy regardless if they had issues or not.  I didn't realize how much fecal matter gets stuck, blocked, or impacted inside the colon and in the pockets.  If anything, people needed to give themselves a fresh start in their colon.

Do you take supplements?  Are you absorbing them?  How do you know?

After working for this company for 7 months and seeing clients who were transforming and becoming healthier and happier, I just had to learn more.

I planned on opening a healing Center one day in the future and I HAD to have colon hydrotherapy a part of it.  So I went to the LIBBE school who is the device manufacturing company in San Antonio.  I wanted to go directly to the source and learn information directly from them.

In class I realized my love for this went deeper.  I could see how I could personally add this to my healing practice.  I was already helping people heal by working with them emotionally and spiritually. My foundation of my teachings is to teach them how to be in their body and how to release emotions out of their body.  I Taught them tools on how to react to situations in the world so that we don't internalize it or let it saturate into our being.

WOW, I was now going to help them with the physical body.  I realized how much we actually stored in the gut and it wasn't just about cleaning it out.  IT was really about HEALING too because we store a lot of emotions in the GUT as well.

SO I decided to get an office where I can teach my classes, see clients for healing, and GET a LIBBE device and become a colon hydrotherapist myself and add this aspect of healing into my practice.

So Here I am a colon hydrotherapist and business owner with TWO successful clinics. 

Are you with me?  Are you ready to tackle true MInd, BODY, Spirit?

Book now!
Oh, and the reason I chose my business name Clean Colonic, Is because I will make sure it will be a CLEAN experience.  Straight to the point.  No Mess, NO fuss.  Just Clean Colonic!!!!!

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